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BC Raiding, what it means to Paladins.

Posted in Burning Crusade, Guild, Raiding on December 22, 2006 by pallywithash

Sitting here at the airport, waiting for my flight to Minnesota I struggle to find something to keep myself busy so I’ve decided to write my thoughts (whether you care for them or not) about the upcoming Expansion and it’s change to the maximum number of players permitted in many “end game” raids.

draenei-vs-bloodelflarge.jpgThe first question comes to mind is “What about Paladins?”. What role will we play in BC? Will our numbers be thinned out? Will one of us tank and the rest of us heal? Will we finally be permitted to DPS? All of these questions may be better answered once we are actually at the point in which we set out on our first encounters in the new 25-player dungeons however one can’t help but wonder what will become of the raid makeup.

Of course, a smart Raid leader will always want to take full advantage of the wonderful thing we call Blessings. Kings would be applied to all players, gaurenteeing one spot for a Paladin while Wisdom and Might would do the same for another. That leaves Salvation, Light and Sanctuary which may arguably be split by one Paladin. With buffs being covered, Shaman begging for a raid spot and Priests being the reigning champion of Phat Healz I can see no real reason for more than 3 Paladins to be brought along.

Time will tell but for now I’ll know that I’ll be busting my butt to preserve my spot in raids.


Ret nerf. We saw it coming…

Posted in PVP, Talents & Spells on December 21, 2006 by pallywithash

With our recent gift from Blizzard; Crusader Strike, came the ever present “Sixth Sense” that we would eventually have it either taken away from us or nerfed in one form or another. As of patch 2.0.3 Crusader Strike’s cooldown will be increased from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.

Many Paladins will cry about it, like the whiney girls they truly are while others will adapt to the change. As a former Warrior for over a year and a half I’ve grown used to “nerfs” and unwanted changes. I adapted. I came up with different techniques if you will. It’s just a shame that so many will whine about it and look upon it as a negative thing.

As it stands, my Paladin is quite powerful. Granted, I have really solid gear but if I abuse Crusader Strike (it’s so easy to do) I find myself short on Mana and unable to continue plowing through opponents along side my guildies like Annihilate and Snype (excellent 1,2,3 punch). With the 10 second cooldown rather than look at it as a negative change I’ll simply learn to adapt, I’ll look upon it as something that will save me Mana in the long run and keep me going.

Nerfs separate the “Goods” from the “Bads”

Decursing woes?

Posted in Burning Crusade, Raiding, Talents & Spells on December 19, 2006 by pallywithash

So as you all know, Blizzard has disabled, removed, eliminated (call it what you like) the ability to use the Decursive mod. What does this do for end game raiding?

Lucifron? I feel for those MC guilds who are struggling to begin with. MC must be near impossible now. Chromaggus? My guild has yet to enter BWL since patch 2.0 was released. Noth the Plaguebringer? Well, let’s just say tonight my guild had some not so good experiences with the encounter.

I’ve found the conversion over to Decursiveless raiding to be pretty easy but unfortunately it seems some have not shared that same experience. So with that being said, does Blizzard plan to introduce encounters in the expansion that will not require massive decursing at the penalty of an insta-wipe? Or will they continue to toss us curveballs?

Personally, I enjoy manually decursing. It’s keeping me on my toes, in particular the Grand Widow fight. I had a blast this week when we downed her. Pre 2.0 I would just sit back in my chair, heal my Warrior and surrounding players while spamming my decursive hotkey. Now, I actually have to work! Yes, while whiners cry endlessly about “no decursive” I’ve come to enjoy it’s [Decursive] abscence.

Video: Edge of Remorse

Posted in Video on December 18, 2006 by pallywithash

While gathering inspiration for my upcoming movie I came across what I consider to be one of, if not the best WoW Movies ever made. Edge of Remorse showcases some incredible editing, great camera angles and even better music. Though the storyline itself is played out and very cliche I enjoyed this one alot.

Check it out

Coming soon to a theatre near you…

Posted in PVP, Video on December 16, 2006 by pallywithash

As some of my guildies and friends may know, I am undertaking my first movie. I’ve done a few little noobish PvP videos with my Warrior and some boss kill videos using iMovie but it’s time for me to step it up a notch. I’ve got myself a copy of Final Cut Pro and Motion 2 and am in the process of teaching myself the programs.

Anyway, I’ve begun to capture footage for my Paladin’s first PvP movie and am really excited about this project. Unlike most movies based on the PvP aspect of WoW I’m tossing in an actual storyline, one that I will continue throughout following video sequals.

I’ll definitely be posting progress and most likely a trailer video once I get more done. Heres a little preview screenshot of what’s going on.

Video Preview

Great Paladin Macros

Posted in Items, Other, PVP, Raiding, Talents & Spells on December 15, 2006 by pallywithash

Ajorn has posted an extremely useful Paladin Macro compilation for 2.0 and beyond. Definitely worth checking out.

Pro|Solution V1.6

Posted in Other on December 15, 2006 by pallywithash

Mmmmm. I think I’ll be asking for this as a last minute Christmas present. It would be one heck of an upgrade from my standard Mac Mouse. Check it out

Razer Pro|Solution V1.6