My grand introduction!

Ah! As titled, my grand introduction! How do I even start? I guess that I should start out by saying that I’m a WoW addict living in South Florida. I roll a human Paladin on the Frostmane US server and have been doing so for roughly 5 months now.

My reason behind starting this blog is to give myself something to do besides WoW. Writing helps me get alot off of my mind, it releases stress, helps me develop ideas and also sometimes provides feedback from those who actually read my garbage.

Anyway, I’ll leave the following entries to let potential readers know more about me. Onward!


One Response to “My grand introduction!”

  1. Hey Kerni its Xarxes from Frostmane. i stoped playing wow for a while on the count that it was just to hard to level so my friend started to play the account and got my paladin “Jasandra” from 61-68 for me and i finaly finished off level 70 and joined a raiding guild.. When i started playing again I forgot that you used to play and i usaly asked u pally questions while i leveled up. I dont know how to contact u exept for making a comment for ur introduction page. Anyways it was nice to finaly figure out ur url to this page again!
    take care,

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