T5 Stats

They’re here!

Thanks to Paladinsucks.com for the new stats for our Tier 5 set, Crystalforge. Couldn’t they come up with a better name than “Crystalforge”? Not only does the set make Paladins look like fruitcakes but now we have a set name that just seals the deal. Nevermind that we once had a set that looked flat out awesome but it had an actual name that struck fear into the hearts of all who would dare oppose us, yes my fellow Paladins I speak of Judgement.

Oh, right. The stats. They’re definitely appealing, especially the the fact that we can now CHOOSE what we want from our set item. DPS? Be prepared for the ever ignorant Warriors to mock you. Tank? Healing? You’ve got it. Although the set bonuses could be a little better, I can’t complain.


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