Decursing woes?

So as you all know, Blizzard has disabled, removed, eliminated (call it what you like) the ability to use the Decursive mod. What does this do for end game raiding?

Lucifron? I feel for those MC guilds who are struggling to begin with. MC must be near impossible now. Chromaggus? My guild has yet to enter BWL since patch 2.0 was released. Noth the Plaguebringer? Well, let’s just say tonight my guild had some not so good experiences with the encounter.

I’ve found the conversion over to Decursiveless raiding to be pretty easy but unfortunately it seems some have not shared that same experience. So with that being said, does Blizzard plan to introduce encounters in the expansion that will not require massive decursing at the penalty of an insta-wipe? Or will they continue to toss us curveballs?

Personally, I enjoy manually decursing. It’s keeping me on my toes, in particular the Grand Widow fight. I had a blast this week when we downed her. Pre 2.0 I would just sit back in my chair, heal my Warrior and surrounding players while spamming my decursive hotkey. Now, I actually have to work! Yes, while whiners cry endlessly about “no decursive” I’ve come to enjoy it’s [Decursive] abscence.


2 Responses to “Decursing woes?”

  1. king rogue dps Says:

    decursing isn’t that hard to begin with. People start to rely on something that does everything for them and they simply become lazy. push a button and click is not that hard to do but for whatever reason everyone has excuses or tries to make macros to make even the simplest takes even easier thus making them more lazy. rawr.

  2. I agree with you 100% 😉

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