Ret nerf. We saw it coming…

With our recent gift from Blizzard; Crusader Strike, came the ever present “Sixth Sense” that we would eventually have it either taken away from us or nerfed in one form or another. As of patch 2.0.3 Crusader Strike’s cooldown will be increased from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.

Many Paladins will cry about it, like the whiney girls they truly are while others will adapt to the change. As a former Warrior for over a year and a half I’ve grown used to “nerfs” and unwanted changes. I adapted. I came up with different techniques if you will. It’s just a shame that so many will whine about it and look upon it as a negative thing.

As it stands, my Paladin is quite powerful. Granted, I have really solid gear but if I abuse Crusader Strike (it’s so easy to do) I find myself short on Mana and unable to continue plowing through opponents along side my guildies like Annihilate and Snype (excellent 1,2,3 punch). With the 10 second cooldown rather than look at it as a negative change I’ll simply learn to adapt, I’ll look upon it as something that will save me Mana in the long run and keep me going.

Nerfs separate the “Goods” from the “Bads”


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