BC Raiding, what it means to Paladins.

Sitting here at the airport, waiting for my flight to Minnesota I struggle to find something to keep myself busy so I’ve decided to write my thoughts (whether you care for them or not) about the upcoming Expansion and it’s change to the maximum number of players permitted in many “end game” raids.

draenei-vs-bloodelflarge.jpgThe first question comes to mind is “What about Paladins?”. What role will we play in BC? Will our numbers be thinned out? Will one of us tank and the rest of us heal? Will we finally be permitted to DPS? All of these questions may be better answered once we are actually at the point in which we set out on our first encounters in the new 25-player dungeons however one can’t help but wonder what will become of the raid makeup.

Of course, a smart Raid leader will always want to take full advantage of the wonderful thing we call Blessings. Kings would be applied to all players, gaurenteeing one spot for a Paladin while Wisdom and Might would do the same for another. That leaves Salvation, Light and Sanctuary which may arguably be split by one Paladin. With buffs being covered, Shaman begging for a raid spot and Priests being the reigning champion of Phat Healz I can see no real reason for more than 3 Paladins to be brought along.

Time will tell but for now I’ll know that I’ll be busting my butt to preserve my spot in raids.


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