WTS Concept Artists

While some will argue that our main focus of the items we pursue in WoW should be stats rather than looks I can’t help but disagree more. I’m a very “visual” person. I feel that I excel at knowing what looks good and what looks bad, I think that I have good taste in what I wear in game and out. In other words the way I look makes a large impact on how I play the game. In saying that I can not fathom how Blizzard can dare hire a Concept Artist(s) that produces such garbage as the Paladin armor that we’ve been “blessed” with prior to our lovely Judgement Armor revision.

T5 Paladin

Now, I’m not claiming I can “do better” (I’ve actually tried) however I feel strongly that the direction Blizzard is heading in their concept art, not only for Paladins but for every classe’s Armor, Weapons and Shields alike is down a miserable path. The stuff I’ve been seeing from Beta looks like utter garbage. Out of every classe’s T5 graphics, I’d have to say the only set worth laying eyes on would be Blizz’s beloved Warlocks.

So all I’ve got to say is, what are you [Blizzard] thinking?! Did you guys fire your previous artists or did you start feeding them ectasy pills? Did you take away their Christmas bonuses? Remove the Soda machine from the break room? Making them supply their own Pencils and Erasers? It’s got to be something because the stuff that is being put out by your art department is in dire need of help.



One Response to “WTS Concept Artists”

  1. Doesn’t look that bad to me.

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