Esotarious: The Interview

Today I was bestowed with the honor of interviewing the role model of many Ret (and “wish I was Ret) Paladins across Azeroth, Esotarious.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 months you’ve no doubt seen, or at least heard about Esotarious of Argent Dawn. His three videos showcase, despite what the “True DPS Class” players say that Paladins can indeed produce good DPS both Pre and Post 2.0.

So without any further delay I give you the interview.

Q: How long have you been playing a Paladin?

Esotarious: I’ve been playing a Paladin since Warcraft was released. My days /played is beyond 200 at this point.

Q: Is the Paladin class the first class you rolled?

Esotarious: I originally rolled a Warrior, and I had fun with it for a good 20-30 levels, but I opted for more survivability while leveling to 60, so I rolled a Paladin instead.

Q: What other DPS classes have you played at level 60?

Esotarious: My sister has a 60 Rogue which I use on occasion to farm potions materials for raiding, but other than that I’ve limited experience playing other classes. I do watch a lot of friends play DPS classes, but don’t have that hands on type of experience.

Q: What made you choose the class in the first place?

Esotarious: I was having trouble soloing quests with my first Warrior toon when the game was released, so I decided to roll a Paladin and I found it more enjoyable to level, and I ended up sticking with it.

Q: Did you recieve any negative criticism from your guildmates when you were allowed to DPS in a raid?

Esotarious: Surprisingly my guildmates and raid leaders were very supportive of the whole idea. Without them I would’ve never been able to DPS on Noth and Patchwerk. They provided me the oppurtunity, and I took advantage of it.

Q: Prior to your 1st video how much time did you spend as a Retribution spec Paladin?

Esotarious: I’ve been Retribution for as long as I can remember. I mean, I’ve tried Holy and Protection builds back in the day of course, but I find I’m always being pulled back to Retribution. It’s preference really, and I’ve always preferred hitting things.

Q: What do you think are the biggest strengths and weaknesses we possess as Paladins?

Esotarious: Being able to outlast our opponents coupled with our amazing burst damage is our strongest asset. Our weakness is ‘closing the distance’ between us and a target. Granted Seal of Justice was revamped, but it pales in comparison to Hamstring.

Q: In both PVP and PVE DPS, what is the biggest tip you can give to fellow Paladins looking to achieve similar/same results as you have?

Esotarious: Even if a you have gear that allows you 1100 attack power and 29% crit, make sure not to neglect how much mana you have. Excluding auto-attack and SoC procs, your extended DPS (Judgments, Crusader Strike, Exorcism) will only go as far as your mana bar will allow them to. This also gives you some cushion in the event that someone needs an emergency heal and so forth.

Q: Do you foresee Paladins being a viable form of DPS in end game raids? If so, in what way would the raid benefit from them doing so?

Esotarious: I do, actually. Before Crusader Strike, our DPS was mediocre at best- even fully buffed in the best gear available. With Crusader Strike, our DPS has received a serious buff. I’m able to keep up with Fury Warriors and at times surpassing them on damage meters, something I could never have done pre-patch. A DPS Paladin (assuming he is using all his mana to do damage) can still offer the entire raid Judgments of Crusader, Wisdom, Light; all on a single target – all refreshable with one click. He can also provide 6% extra healing to his party passively with Improved Sanctity Aura.

Q: What are your thoughts on the recent nerf to Crusader Strike?
Esotarious: After testing Crusader Strike on beta, the extra 4 seconds added to the cooldown isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be. It is, however, more tedious to keep seals up on a mob if the attack misses. It does limit how much damage we can do over time, and it is a noticeable difference, but it is not by any means game-breaking for a DPS Paladin.

Q: What are your plans for the expansion?

Esotarious: I haven’t decided yet. All I know is that initially it will include lots of long evenings, and lots of Redbull for the race to 70. Weather I choose to pursue Arena PVP or PVE, I’ll let you know when I get there.

Q: What will the next video have in store for your fans and your critics?

Esotarious: I’m on hiatus at the moment. Dernos seems to be doing a good job keeping the fans entertained while I’m taking it easy, so I don’t see the rush to release a new video until I’ve reached level 70. When I do get there however, I’ll probably showcase more of what you’ve seen in the past.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add? Anything you feel Paladins ought to know?

Esotarious: I’d like to thank you and the fans for all of their support over the past few months – I wouldn’t be answering these questions if it wasn’t for them


9 Responses to “Esotarious: The Interview”

  1. This is an amazing deal that you were able to interview Esotarious. Being able to DPS as a pally (and outdps fury warriors) is a pretty big deal to me since i never knew this was possible. Thanks Kerni for the blog! 😀

  2. Eso is a great pally, too bad he left us.


    -Dayanara 60 Holy Paladin of Argent Dawn

  3. Ouch, where did he go?

  4. Esotarious Says:

    Transferred to Sisters of Elune 🙂

  5. I’ve heard controversial stuff about Eso from a former guild mate of his (an IRL friend), and I really don’t know what to make of the guy. I’m fairly certain he was hi-jacking a lot of gear from the warriors instead of holding out for good Paladin DPS drops (Like weapons with INT on them).

  6. If he did that Sylvina he would not be the paladin he is today

  7. joenicklo Says:

    There weren’t many Pally DPS weapons back in the day. Pre-BC if a Pally wanted to try to DPS he/she HAD TO go against Warriors for 2H weapons.

    Besides, this was at a time when Wars were high on DW Fury.

  8. Esotarious was a great paladin tutor when I was playing, always helpful, active in pvp and pve and was just a generally helpful fella. The overall community back in those days was so much more enjoyable! I hope we see more from Eso someday in the future, perhaps he’ll let me do some of the ingame filming and assistance with editing *wink wink*

  9. […] team to 1855 last night. 249 matches, 1 shy of my original estimate. I did most of the games with Esotarious (you all know him!) and a DK buddy of mine by the name of Morbidchaos. At about 1700 we hit brick […]

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