Ding Ding!

Another ding post. Hit 64 tonight. I’m enjoying the Expansion so far, the new instances are somewhat challenging though the same old boss fights (tank this, cleanse this bla bla bla). I’ve been seeing some incredible gear throughout the past 5 days yet I’ve not had to swap out much of my current gear. I’ve mainly replaced my healing rings, neck and trinkets while for my DPS gear I’ve only replaced my trinkets, libram and my neck.

I wasn’t up much on the whole beta masturbation to items that many took part in so I’m not too fresh on what highend 2H weapons are in the game for level 70 so it seems Ashkandi will stick with me for a while 😉 Gasp! What am I going to do when I replace it?!


One Response to “Ding Ding!”

  1. I replaced my kalimdors revenge with a very nice polearm, i cant log in right now due to the patch taking forever for me to download but it has 93dps, it has awesome stats on it and i slapped on a 25agi and its a beast. But i am level 67 and i have made 930g! just from quests and what not. Flying mount here i come!

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