Seal of Vengeance

As you may (rather, should) know by now we get a nice new spell called Seal of Vengeance (SOV) at level 64. I did some toying around with it this morning before work and found it to be a nice addition to our arsenal of offensive abilities. After 5 applications of SOV the mob was taking 150 Holy Damage per 3 seconds. It came in handy when fighting mobs with a mana burn.

I’ve yet to try it in PvP though I think it’d work wonders against Rogues since it lasts 30 seconds. Crusader Strike refreshing it, it’ll be on them the entire fight.


One Response to “Seal of Vengeance”

  1. Works great for pvp i use it on a rogue mainly to keep them from vanishing, also love crusader aura! Its fun just going into a battleground at 67 and 1-2 shotting the level 60’s lol. Good luck leveling kerni.

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