The Next Expansion?

Some talks about the next expansion. As much as I like the current one, I hope the next one prevents players from hitting the level cap within 28 hours. Check out the thread in which others put up a wish list of what they’d like on the forums here.

For those not wanting to click the link, here’s mine.

• Personal Housing – Buy a lot, build a home, castle etc.,
• Guild Halls – Guild bank, schedule board, games etc.,
• Guild Ranking – PVE & PVP Ranking
• More Arenas – Two just is not enough
• Hero Classes – No need for a new class, just introduce hero classes.
• Character Customization – hair stylists/barber, tattoo artist etc., The general ability to change your character’s appearance AFTER you’ve created it)
• Level Cap to 80 – Increased difficulty. No more reaching the level cap in 28 hours, no matter how hard you try.
• Arthas Storyline – Duh. We’re all waiting for it. We’ve killed Kel’Thuzad next?
• Cutsences/Cinematics – Optional cutscense for boss kills or events.
• Better Raid UI Interface – Something like CT Raid Assist or Perl Unit Frames for Raids. The stock raid group tabs are horrible.


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