Ignorance of the “Pure”

So I was reading an article on WoWinsider today about a fictional problem in which a Paladin who’s role in end game raids was healing. The Paladin (they dubbed him “Paul”) spent his DKP on DPS gear. What’s the big deal? It’s funny to see the flat out ignorant comments made by some people. Go ahead, quit the game if Pallys/Druids/Fury Wars out DPS you, the game will be better off without the constant QQ anyway.

People need to realize that Druids and Paladins are a HYBRID class. They can serve many roles. I’ve been running these instances in the expansion and have seen great Paladin tanks, Great Druid tanks and hell, I even DPS myself as a Paladin! I can switch over and heal just as easily. So to the Rogues, Mages, Warriors etc., the quote on quote “Pure” classes stop your crying. Things change, they evolve as do the roles a class plays in the ever developing game we call World of Warcraft.


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