Cobalt War Talbuk Grinding

According to my calculations (I’ve descended Cobalt War Talbuk into nerdome) it’ll be an estimated 2 weeks of grinding Ogres before reaching exalted with the Kurenai, thus getting my War Talbuk. As of this morning I’m about 1200 into Honored and have a handful of quests left in Nagrand. I’m also after a particular 2H mace. Yes, it will be a nice replacement for Ashkandi and though it will be hard to retire the sword it was all worth the while. Speaking of a 2H weapon, I’ve got something to really look forward to. There have been talks amongst my guild’s officers that we may very well allow Paladins (or “a paladin”) to DPS in raids. Hmmm, I guess people aren’t so ignorant after all.


12 Responses to “Cobalt War Talbuk Grinding”

  1. What mace you looking to get? im also trying to get taht mount, i have never really grinded rep for anything really other then Zg exaulted which meh doesn’t really count.

  2. The mace is linked.

  3. done exalted with kurenai in 2 days :I

  4. Yeah, I totally gave up after seeing how big and clunky these things look.
    Although it took alot less time than I had originally expected, I’m roughly 3/4 of the way through Revered and just have no desire to go any further.

  5. Face it, a DPS class will always out DPS a paladin, assuming you are both in equally comparable gear. So get used to healing and quit bitching.

  6. Bob, are you a complete moron?

  7. Edrebrann Says:

    If you go after the beads, each stack of 10 will net you 500 in rep. Of course, if you keep grinding on ogres, you’ll only get 10 a kill.

    Good luck! 🙂

  8. You can farm Mag’Har rep up to exalted within a few days. You gain rep killing ogres AND gathering the beads…and the rep builds up faster than you might think. Head to Laughing Skull Ruins.

  9. Banscare Says:

    Try grinding in sunspring post. Really low hp mobs. I went from honored to exaulted in one day, but im a mage.

  10. Joneapleseed Says:

    Been farming rep for about 3 days now and am almost 50 beads away from exalted and i started at 2500/1200 so it is pretty fast…. And bob you are retarded being a rogue myself i like to have Pallys Dps or Tank in my group its not always about healing

  11. get used to healing bob? you moron we can tank too!!! And the upcoming patch promises some great things for us ret pallies. We can do a great amount of damage, and we can at least take what we dish out, unlike all you clothies. So bob, quit judging about a class you probably can’t even play, and do not know anything about!!!
    Ret paladin ftw xx

  12. It took me 3 days to get my Talbuk working my way up from unfriendly to exalted.
    I work full time so only had evenings and i did’nt even use up all the evenings doing it, it should’nt take 2 weeks, it is a fast mount to get if your determined! lol

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