Avenging Wrath

As I draw closer to level 70 my excitement grows. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I walk up to my Paladin trainer and purchase my Avenging Wrath spell. Regardless of what any crybabies (Paladins or any other class alike) say this spell is going to simply rock.

I keep reading/hearing about how it’s dispellable or can be taken with spell steal, how the huge wings you gain make you a huge target. To those people I must simply say, “Only if you’re a complete dolt!” If you’re PVP’ing, hopefully you are aware of your surroundings and for the love of all that is holy I pray that you know when and how to properly use your stun(s) to your advantage.

I can just see it now. The common scenario will be as follows: Mr. Ret Paladin runs up to Mage and immediately pops Avenging Wrath, completely eliminating any chance to bubble out of a polymorph. The Mage steals the spell (if he’s lucky since it chooses a random buff) and decimates the Paladin in a few shots. The Paladin will then run to the Mage forums and cry nerf thus furthuring the lack of respect Ret Pallys get.

The uncommon scenario however would be as follows: Paladin runs up to the Mage, immediately tosses a Repentance and Judges Seal of the Crusader, pops Avenging Wrath and judges Seal of Command followed by a quick Crusader Strike and an immediate Hammer of Justice. If the Mage hasn’t blinked already Paladin has another 5 seconds to utilize your Avenging Wrath by tossing out another Judgement of Command and possibly another Crusader Strike. The Mage will then run to the Paladin forums and cry for a nerf claiming that Paladins should not be able to do any damage whatsoever and should only be heal/buff/cleanse bots.

This is of course coming from someone who’s yet to PvP in a battleground post Expansion in the rush for 70. But hey what do I know? I’m just a Pally with Ashkandi.


4 Responses to “Avenging Wrath”

  1. What level are you now joe?

  2. 66 as of Friday night. Should hit 67 tonight.

  3. I don’t think you’d be able to get off a JotC and a JoC within the time of a Repentance unless you’re really quick but even then the mage will typically blink unless he’s completely daft. I know I will probably still get owned by a mage simply because of polymorphage and me praying for a crit. I’ll have to play around with a mage for a bit.

  4. nerf gun…

    […]Avenging Wrath « Pallywithash[…]…

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