Ding! 70.

Finally! Even so I dropped behind most of my guild mates I finally hit 70 tonight. I have to say that the time off I took to get rested XP rather than straight grinding with little sleep like most people did really helped me out both mentally and physically. If I learned one thing from the grind from 60 to 70 it’s that I can no longer take the long hours of gaming like I used to. Anyway, off to buy my flying mount and new spells! 😀


5 Responses to “Ding! 70.”

  1. congrats!

  2. Came here through some article searches from my website. Just wanted to say congratulations.

    I play myself and can’t wait to get a copy of BC. How long did it take you and your guildmates? I was hoping to think up of an average nmumber of hours for such a thing.

  3. Gratz!! Now to get all of your keys.

    Victorb, I took about 6 hours for 61 and 8 for 62. That is all I can give input on as far as leveling goes. Level 61 is 547k long, but almost every quest turn-in is 10k XP. 20-25 quests and the associated killing with those, and you’ve got a level.

  4. Weird thing for me was that every level i gained it seemed to go faster, took me like 3 days to get to 61 for some reason then i was averagin about a level a day until 66 then it was like a level every 1 and a half days

  5. Thanks for the info. I wanted to know because I was thinking of getting my workplace to adopt a series I’m cooking up.

    Mostly an average player’s WoW experience of getting to 70. Specifically, from my point of view. 🙂

    Hoping it’ll get our site some revenue. Of course, an average gamer worth his salt always asks for assistance, so any tips on starting the trip to Outland for someone who hasn’t played in 7 months is much appreciated. Already have a mage and Hunter at 60 though. 🙂

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