So long Ret Spec :(

As of 10:15PM EST, February 10th 2007 I am no longer Retribution spec. Due to my guild starting raids again tomorrow I’ve respec’d to 41/0/20 Holy. Now, before anyone calls me a sell out or claims I’m buckeling under the pressure of end game raiding I’d like to point out that I’m doing this since I want to A. Get into raids on a consistant basis and help my guild’s progress and B. Save up for DPS/Ret gear to the point that I am comfortable to make a solid effort at DPSing during raids.

I’m also going to attempt to get hooked up with a decent Arena Team so that I can get myself some of that fine gear eventually 😉 Anyway, that’s that. Temporary respec it is.


8 Responses to “So long Ret Spec :(”

  1. You’re not selling out, theres still way to many people who think our class is a back up priest with good armor.

    Good luck in raids!

  2. Amen to that. The thing is, I love to heal. I think I’m pretty darn good at it though I’m not fond of being a one dimensional player. Sure, I can judge seals to help the raid, buff, cleanse and heal but I enjoy PvP immensely (when I’m not in a PUG of retards).

    So, I’ll be looking forward to getting a nice weapon, some Armor and the rest of the stuff needed to DPS in raids and PVP. Besides, I need to start my video again 😉

  3. I once had a Guild Leader warrior that respec 3 times a day. Lol… He would come out from raid and respec into Arms to go pvp… and then respec back to Prot to go into raids again.

  4. Sup Kern,

    If your raiding spec at the moment wouldn’t you rather go 41/7/13 to pick up redoubt and guardian favor for those happy go lucky aoe mages and warlocks?

    It recycles faster and it will also help you in pvp tremendosly fighting warriors, mages, hunters, and or any slowing impairing effect class. You still get to keep pursuit of justice and or seal of command for big damage.

    So in the in with 450+ you can still enjoy your pvp world. I know that you were a soc 2 handed jump for joy ret spec. but now you can utilize the new seal of vengeance with a good 1 hander and shield. 5 stack judgements with divine holy crits you’ll be pumping out Shockadin burst damage and burning down mobs with ease.

    Also there is nothing greater then giving a warrior blessing of freedom and watching him mow down mobs that try to slow or root him :0). Try it out and tell us what you think im sure you won’t be dissapointed onces your gear falls into place.

    Also if you didnt notice illumination with 2.0 holy light you can get off 6 heals = to 2 heals without it keeping up a tank or even a group with 2-3 of those being crits of 4.5k +.

    That speaks god in my eyes and easily makes us the best healer in the game on single targets with blessing of light.

    I love feedback so tinker and if anyone has any other input that kern would love that will utilize both pvp and raid feel free to give it.


    level 70 (Neela) paladin Demonsoul

  5. I’ve never tried that spec, always been either a combo of Holy/Ret or Ret/Holy. When I get some gold for the 45g respec I’ll probably give it a shot.

    My respec was a spur of the moment, unplanned type of thing so I went with what I knew. 😉 Thanks for the advice.

  6. Hey Pallywithash,

    I am glad to help out our paladin classes. If you think that is a great build just let me know when your ready to go back to 2 hander after you get all your gear. I have been messing with this new build lately that by far exceeds crusader strike ret spec paladins.

    But I wouldn’t want to many horde using it on me cause frankly it would just suck and hurt too much lol.

    But let us know when you make that move if you ever do till then enjoy shockadins cause they are also super fun. Just try out one of my favorite combos when you have time.

    cast socrusader
    judge socrusader
    cast vengeance
    stack 1 150 x 4
    stack 2 187 x 4
    cast seal of command
    use 13 (trinket)
    cast hammer of justice
    judge seal of command 2100
    cast divine favor
    cast holy shock 1920
    cast seal of vengeance
    stack 3
    stun wears off
    stack 4
    stack 5
    judge seal of veneance 1649

    And this isn’t even with avenging wrath lol but its sure fun as hell.

    This has put out the most dps for shockadins that I have tested out. I haven’t yet tested out 15% in Seal of righteous. Cause seal of command x 2.0 on stunned targets it just too nice.

    But the beauty of vengeance is even after you judge your dots still tick away for the same 1k damage and renew on hits during re judging.(sheds a tear T_0)



    level 70 paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

  7. Currently a 65 ret specced paladin but I spent most of my 60 life as a holy specced paladin for the good of the guild. I actually perfer healing anyways.

    What I’m interested is how your keys are set up and what GUI’s you use. I currently use KTM, Titan and SCT while leveling and had CTRaid and Grid when raiding.

  8. Canticle,

    Mods: TrinketMenu, CTRaid, Cooldown Timers, TitanBar, SCT, WIM


    ~ = Self Cleanse
    F = Crusader Strike
    V = Judgement
    1-3 = Heals
    4 = Cleanse
    5 = Hammer of Justice
    6 = Repentance
    7-0 = Seals
    F5= Avenging Wrath
    F6 = Divine Shield
    F7 = BOP
    Mouse Button 4 = Self BOF
    Mouse Button 5 = Self Holy Light
    Delete = Mount
    Numpad Keys = Outfitter Presets
    T = Trinket 1
    Y = Trinket 2

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