Sup QQadin?

Seriously, if I have to endure one more thread on the Paladin forums in which a Paladin, new or old feels the need to cry about how our class is weak, broken, inferior or any other negative term I’m going to puke.
I’ve said it once and I’ll gladly say it 1000 times more. “Paladins are fine! Learn to adapt to changes!” I’m not going to outright call anyone a noob but I honestly feel that it is starting to become the case in most of these situations. So to those of you reading this, if you happen to feel the desire to QQ about your class, the noble Paladin, please take into consideration that you’re playing one of the most gear dependant classes in the game who’s role is not that of a pure DPS, a pure tank nor even a pure healer but a hybrid. You’ll never be the best at either of those roles. You can of course excel at them and be very good but you’ll never be on top.


Update: In my rage I totally forgot to mention what a great class we indeed are. Our Healing makes Priests insecure, our tanking makes Warriors shake in their boots and our DPS well, it seems people still don’t believe in us yet with that one 😉


6 Responses to “Sup QQadin?”

  1. Paladins….(ponders in thought)

    We are gods amongst classes in the game. Raid spots we make it a cake walk for mages to run in and aoe without the fear of spam heals keeping you up and alive with Blessing of protection.

    We have divine intervention to save that last priest on a raid wipe for that newb that aggroed a boss during a group pull.

    We can out heal any class with illumination 2.0 holy lights and blessing of light on tanks in a high octane burn out fight or even just keeping up mutiples.

    We can bubble and heal ourselves which takes pressure off priest and druids worrying about us dying and continue to heal during the process other members and groups.

    Our aura’s created advantages in resistance, concentrations, and damage reduction with no mana cost.

    Our Blessing of wisdom is the best mana effiecient regenaration in the game and our seal of light and seal of wisdom turn the tides in long boss battles.

    Blessing of king with Mark of the wild is the best buff combo period in the game overall.

    Blessing of salvation keeps mages, warlocks, rogues, and hunters from pulling aggro faster even if the fiegn dead, vanish, or ice block which takes stress off main healers and helps them focus on primary tanks.

    Bottom line a paladin can specifically enhance any class abilities regardless of their talent specs. And keep them alive while the priest are coughing up lungs praying that their fade works this time.

    Our cleansing is the cheapest dispell out of all the classes in the game and not only dispells magic but poison and disease as well.

    Not to mention we have lay on hands that can bring a almost dead main tank back in action that will finish off a boss thats 20% dead.

    Last but not least

    We are priest in plate, tanks with spells, a jack of all trades that can if focused enough excel at any specific trade and be in the top 3-4 dps, healing, or tanking ranks of a raid meter.

    So for that individual that was clueless about what role we play, up above is just a few that will always keep us in raids.

    As for pvp with engineering we can easily beat any class in the game. Even the dreaded warlocks that most paladins complain about can easily be slained with the right build.

    Our bubbles, lay on hands, repentance, and stuns and bandaging give us more then our share to make them have to kill us again. Quite frankly we should be nerfed if blizzard ever realizes how trully powerful we are as a class.

    A plate wearers spells shouldn’t crit for 2k+, a hybrids heals shouldn’t heal for 5K + 2.0 400 mana cast lol, a good 2 hander with a 300 spell damage proc or weapon base proc/fiery enchant/seal of command/vindication shouldn’t all proc at the same time during 6-7 swings in a 8 sec ratio with 4-5 being crits over 1200+.

    A protection paladin with a aoe shield and a aoe trinkets shouldn’t be able to pull 20-50 mobs/undead mobs and watch them kill themselves lol.

    And this is not even mentioning engineering which can just plain out make us cheap and over powered.

    We are gods amongst classes when played and specced right and I smile and cheer on the new post of newbs crying, for they will be another reason why we get buffed again when we could be nerfed :0).


    Level 70 Neela Paladin Demonsoul PVP

  2. Ever since that awful thread in general forums and on WoWinsider, I’m starting to see less and less reason to even go there since all that’s there is trolling, immaturity, and children-in-adults-bodies and can understand your frustration.

  3. I don’t think anyone at WoWInsider has ever played a Pally past lvl 40 😉

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

    …mind if I hang out here for a while? I can help with the troll control. 🙂


    I prefer familiar company that understands our trials and trivails.

  5. You’re more than welcome iliya!

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