First Post 70 BG

Finally got around to doing a battleground. Waited a nice 15 minutes for AB to pop, got into a match that was about 500 points in with the Horde winning (as usual). PUG vs PUG. Keep in mind, I am basing my impression upon one battleground. I’ve yet to find the time to really experiment with PvP during the grind to 70 so bear with me here.

I found my damage to be pretty decent, especially against cloth getting nice 1400+ normal hit crits and a few good 1500+ Crusader Strikes here and there. I only got to use Avenging Wrath twice, the first time it was stolen by a Mage and the second time I watch numbers fly. With BOM and Avenging Wrath up Critline recorded a new record 1982 Crusader Strike crit against a Rogue.

I found Mages to be (as expected) incredibly powerful. On one occasion I was having a nice 1v1 against a Blood Elf Paladin, was on the winning side of the fight when out of nowhere I’m Frostbolted for 3k. Lovely right? Let’s just say I was toast. I’ll have to hop into some more BGs later but for now I’m off to a Botanica run.

Oh, did I mention I spec’d back to Ret? 😉


8 Responses to “First Post 70 BG”

  1. Geez. How much did that respec cost you?

  2. Oh! Oh! Just to let you know, if you want to go with a premade on your server, I would recommend going to your server boards on the website and asking for something akin to a /70pvp channel.

    Here’s the thread about it: Might give an idea or two.

  3. In all honesty, it just never happens. Unfortunately there are very few PvP centric guilds on Frostmane. That paired with RL stuff I’m starting to have less and less time for WoW all together, let alone PvP 😦

  4. Sup Mr. Pallywithash ^_^

    I can see your journeys down holy lane was only temporarily. hehe I had mental bets wondering how long you would last being a fan of retribution.

    I am tempted to go back as well but everytime I log on im being pulled into a dungeon. I guess having 900+ healing and almost 8k mana makes you a target for that kind of stuff lol. What can I say im a healing god and paladins with all the new aggro wipe bosses and mobs are the best healers in dungeons and or raids.

    I am just about finished with my ingredient farming and tonight I will have my Thunder 105 dps. I can’t wait to test it out with an enchant an my reckoning build.

    I may go cursader with my + spell damage set just to tinker around with it but I trully doubt it will surpass the damage reckoning does.

    What weapon do you currently use and how much strength, crit rate, spell damage, stamina, and agility are you pumping out with your gear.

    Let us know when you have time.


    Level 70 Paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

  5. Geo,

    Im using the Oathkeeper ATM with the Savagery (+70AP) enchant. I’m working on my blacksmithing, leveling it up from 0 to get the Lionheart Executioner sword. What can I say? I’ve always been a fan of swords 😀

    I would advise you not to bother with Crusader as it’s been nerfed as you level past 60. The nerf is a 4%/level so at level 70 you’d get +60 STR opposed to the full amount.

  6. Sup Kern,

    Yeah I dont think crusader ever did crit. And the only reason I would pick up fiery enchant is for the hope of the proc to crit to keep on holy vengeance longer.

    But besides that I think I just may got + 12 dps or the agility buff for more crit rating.

    Cause I look at it two ways, get maxed str/attack power and have a harder base hitting damage. Which when you do crit your damage will be through the roof but the crits won’t be as often yet not trully utilizing vengeance 10% increase overall damage.

    Or go high crit which inceases ac,dodge,and parry and use the 10% increase damage as your attack power buffer and have your Seal of Commands crit every other hit.

    Who knows but i may just go pvp till we get more members up in guild we still lacking a 10 man at 70 cause everyone keeps making alts >_

  7. 10 man at 70 cause everyone keeps making alts >_

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