Kerni Illustration by Luniara

Felt like sharing with my faithful readers a preview of an illustration kerni_draft2.jpg that my little sister (who also plays a Pally by the name of Luniara) is doing for me. She actually began this a while back and has been SLACKING on it ever since. She’s done some really amazing illustration work and although I’m sure she’ll chew me out for posting such a rough, unfinished preview of her rendition of “Kerni” I just can’t wait to see it completed! A definite replacement for the current blog header I’ve got going now. To get it finished I guess that I just need to bribe her with SM twink runs and some gold on the side.


3 Responses to “Kerni Illustration by Luniara”

  1. Sup Kern,

    Nice sketching you got there. She’s got talent and I look forward to seeing her finished product as well.

    We as paladins do appreciate the little time and effort talented individuals put in that idolize our great class of choice.


    Luniara FTW !!! ^_^


    Level 70 Paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

  2. Wow, that picture is…incredible. I used to browse around DeviantART, and that beats 99% of what I’ve seen there, and is = to the little 1% of godly art.

    The official Pallywithash wallpaper?

  3. Not yet Joe. She actually has a DevianART page. I’ll ask her if she minds me posting it 😉

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