Forbearance Nerf?

Reports on the test realm are stating that we may be in for a visit from the old nerf bat in an upcoming patch. Forbearance is being reported to give a -15% physical damage debuff upon being applied to the Paladin. The ever wise (LOL) Tseric is claiming he’s unsure if this is a bug or an actual change and that he will “…have to get back to [us] on a weekday”. Some are even claiming this debuff relates to ALL damage done. Hopefully this is just a bug as I feel it’d greatly shaft us in terms of burst DMG.


10 Responses to “Forbearance Nerf?”

  1. Sup Kern,

    If this is true we will see more and more shockadins in world of warcraft. It says 15% physical reduction so spells are all going to be the same.

    Not only that we get a better Avenging Wrath extra 10 secs. We can also use it with forbearance so that means we can pop a blessing of protection and avenging wrath at the same time and pwn melee for 10 secs free of charge, or chase down a hunter not worrying about his pet or physical shots, or a shamans wind fury, or any other physical attack :0) hehe.

    It will change up our strategies for the most part this is true. I have always been a fan of DS over AW but now with these new combo abilities it will change how we fight all classes.

    Melee BOP/AW/Trinket burn down mob
    caster Divine/Trinket Burn down mob

    In the end we will see more and more paladins with high spell damage gear to keep there judgements high and there crusader strikes hitting without loosing much from the debuff.

    After this patch

    After using bubbles

    Spell crit>Melee crit

    Spell Damage>Attack power

    But this is all just speculations based off the information provided.

    I look forward to tinkering with this once it is released.


    Level 70 Paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

  2. Always a pleasure getting your insight Geo.

  3. Hey Kern,

    Well apparently its both spell and physical so my speculations are once again smashed by blizzard funny humor to torture us paladins.

    Foreberance on all classes after bubbled will tend to suck but hey I guess surviving a death =’s you will be weak for a minute.

    I guess in the end dont use AW on mages or when there around.

    Only use BOP/AW combo with heavy melee combat. But you will only benefit fully with this being a Shockadin.

    Stun or repent priest on bubbles for if you dont you will not be able to heal due to instant cast mass dispell.

    Shamans can also purge both AW and BOP but it still gives you some time to distract them while you do damage.

    In the end Seal of Righteous with talents continues to become more appealing after each nerf. Seal of Righteous is the only seal I continously burn judgements with and seems to pump out more if not the same damage as the rest.

    But that has been with reckoning so who if divine holy shock can hold a candle too it. But with all these nerfs, dispells, purges, and spell steals, it kinda makes stocism a freaking must have.

    Hell if they are going to take it or wipe it make em work for it at least hehe.

    But Let me know what you think Kern. I know you have some insights on all this as well. What shall us paladins do ^_^.


  4. So much for being a ret pally…

  5. Bluesfear,

    You can be a ret pally and still do very well. Just strategies change slightly thats all. We are a very gear dependent class when it comes to ret spec pallies.

    Get the right gear save up and stick to your plan in the end you will see results


    Level 70 Paladin Demonsoul PVP

  6. Julie WhiteFeather Says:

    I won’t include my blog, website or the podcast for which I do articles. I don’t want it to be tought of as advertising. I have been following your blog for a bit. My first character was a Dwarf Paladin. I quit playing when all I was ever thought of was a buff bot. After reading your blog you have inspired me to go back to playing my dwarf paladin.

    Sr. Juliemarie (yes I am a nun in rl)
    aka Brighde Brightaxe (Earthen Ring/Whisperwind Servers)

  7. Julie,

    Thank you for the kind words. I encourage you to post your blog’s URL. Who knows, I may like it and put it on my Blogroll 🙂



    …for now….

  9. /CHEER

  10. I say ‘for now’ because the post Eyonix mentioned that Paladin Burst Damage was too high and a subsequent nerf will most likely follow…

    …boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

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