We’ve been spared…

…sort of. The forbearance nerf mentioned in my previous entry has been (somewhat) cleared up by Mr. Blue, Eyonix on the Warcraft forums. I’m not sure what to fully make of this since I’ve really not been able to PvP much aside from being Annihilate’s healb*tch but I can tell you that I knew all along that we were doing too much damage than we’d be “allowed” to do.

“After further testing, we’ve decided to undo the following changes to the Paladin for the next patch as we felt the adjustments were too imposing on the class’ ability to tank in dungeons.

-Increased the duration of “Avenging Wrath” by 50% (now lasts 30 sec.) This ability no longer invokes “Forbearance”, but shares a cooldown with “Divine Shield”.

-Forbearance now reduces damage dealt by the affected player by 15%.

With that being said, we do feel that the Paladin is currently capable of producing too much burst damage and are investigating reasonable ways to make minor reductions for the future.”

Maybe Blizz is worried Pallys will pull a Priest Riot! Hmmmm, I forgot. We’re not self righteous whiney little girls like most Priest players are 😉 Dig Dig!


One Response to “We’ve been spared…”

  1. Hi Again,
    This time (as you requested) I entered the website for which I do articles (I am a writer for the World of Warcraft Chronicles Podcast. I did indeed go back to my Dwarf Paladin on Earthen Ring. However I found that the reception I got on returning from the horde side was a cold one at best. In any case, I have been playing my hunter and alts for a LONG time and I found that it isn’t like riding a bike. It is a matter for learning the class all over again. I have come to understand alot of the nuances of my hunter, but my pally is a matter of learning it all over again.

    One difference that struck me was the difference in damage. I was used to the whole 500-630 damage per shot with my hunter. Big difference. I felt like I was struggling for survival. Again your blog has encouraged me to give my paladin another go, but wow I could sure you some help to get back in to it again.


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