Blame Canada…I mean the Armory!

Part of my new category, “Humor” I’ve got an interesting story for you. It seems as though some people are just born with the desire to blame their own shortcomings on someone else. In this case we have a Paladin only known by his alias level 5 alt, “Sterne”. Our friend Sterne lied to his guild about his spec after he was required to spec Holy yet stayed Retribution. His guild officers then checked The Armory page for his character and followed up with a swift gkick. Read all about it and the ensuing flame fests on the general forums. I LOL’d for a good five seconds.


3 Responses to “Blame Canada…I mean the Armory!”

  1. Lol, I saw this thread when I was browsing General.
    “You have no clue what endgames are like. Alot of good guilds force you to be one is not about fun. It is about getting the gear. Now? I can’t even raid anymore. I did not even want the gear I just wanted the content. Now i can’t do that because the end game guilds want me to go holy when I refuse to.”
    This is the big thing that deterred me from getting my druid past 29 (though I do a remarkable job running flags in WSG 😉 ), and was the reason I deleted my level 29 paladin way back in the day I rolled one, around oct 05/06 (I can’t remember which >_>). Thank goodness I’m a hunter.
    /send pet in
    /cast Serpent Sting
    /cast Arcane Shot

  2. Yes I have a hunter, I have also done end game raiding with my paladin. I wasn’t forced to respec. What did happen was being relegated to the back of the raid – not being allowed to do any damage at all. For all the damage dealing I was typically allowed I might as well not have had a weapon.

    But – not all guilds are alike. There are some great guilds out there an I am in one of them. No one, and I mean NO ONE is EVER asked to respec. We raid, but we raid for the fun and community enjoyment. Do we have arguements about loot? Sure, but usually it is about everyone wants everyone else to have the first “phat loot” This is the guild that has convinced me to re-roll a pally on the horde side and start playing a pally again.

    The armory? Want to know my spec and what I am wearing? Sure! knock yourself out!

  3. Actually, I’ve honestly considered re-rolling a BE Pally. If I had the playing time available that I used to it’d so be done.

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