Lack of blogging.

Just a heads up to those who read this thing (and a big “F-U” to those of you at 😉 I’ve been really busy with real life stuff the past two weeks, so much that I’ve barely been able to raid. Between work, planning a wedding with teh fiance and hitting the gym it’s getting tough.

A little side note, got a nice few pieces of loot recently. Bracers of Justice and the Ribbon of Sacrifice. I got the Shaman to level 30 the other day so I’ll be starting on Jame’s Leveling Guide soon so that I can get her to a “twinkable” level and have some fun with PvP while Kerni is spec’d Holy. Anyway, I’m out!


5 Responses to “Lack of blogging.”

  1. Umm, where the hell did you go dude?

  2. wtf is f-u to nutkin you bad !

    j/k – I’m not playing either lol. gl w/ the irl stuff.


  3. Did you transfer off the server? Doesn’t show you in Desecration anymore. My hunters in Desecration now and saw you in the guild list then disapeared lol. Btw, good to see you finally left Reloaded, I couldn’t handle their bullshit.

  4. Hey guys. I xferred to Alterac Mountains to play with my sister and her friends. I rarely play anymore since I’ve been focusing on my relationship, work, my portfolio and getting in shape.

    Blizzard has pretty much ruined the Paladin class, pigeon holing us into the healing role once again so my desire to play is at an all time low.

    I’ll see you guys again 😉 My Warrior (Giada) is still on Frostmane for the time being.

  5. I really need to get some decent plate bracers… I’m jealous.

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