And a few Karazhan runs later…

Pulled in some nice new loots this week 🙂 Moroes dropped Boots of Valiance for me, picked up a nice little healing ring in the form of Mender’s Heart Ring and last but certainly not least I got my first piece of Tier 4. Justicar Gloves. That puts me a little above 1400 +Healing now with a few key enchants missing (+81 healing to my mace would be nice).

Now I’ve got to go through the pain of farming for Primals to enchant this stuff. Do I miss Ret yet? You betcha 😉


5 Responses to “And a few Karazhan runs later…”

  1. But at least you’re having fun still, right? 😮

  2. Glad you are back at it and having fun this time. I am sort of taking a break myself while the guild that I have called home for the last year is imploding. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Email me and I will tell you what’s goin on.

  3. Whoops, above post was from me:D

  4. Yes, I’m def having fun.

  5. Welcome back. I recently came back to WoW after a 6 month hiatus. Each time I come back it seems easier to leave again. But BC has a lot of content, so for now I’m just enjoying the new sights and sounds!

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