WTB good raid frames

Looking for some nice raid frames to wrap up my UI. I’ve tried Grid and don’t like it one bit. I’ve tried Healbot, hate it. Tried sRaidframes and it doesn’t seem to wanna cooperate with me. Anyone have suggestions?

My requirements are something that show HP %, debuffs, class colors and character names. 🙂 Thanks in advanced!


5 Responses to “WTB good raid frames”

  1. xPerl? Right now I’m using xPerl and it pretty much covers everything I need for unit frames and raid frames. The only peeve I have with every UI frame except Blizzard’s own, is that NONE of them every show bleed effects, so it’s a pain in the ass to quickly save the garroted individual unless they call it out on TS, otherwise I go “Hey, this guys health is dropping a ton, I bet he’s garroted.”

  2. Ah. I tried xPerl a while ago. I actually tweaked Grid to the point that I was comfortable with it. Now I’m loving it.

    I also tried out sRaidFrames today in AV. I found it to be very clunky. So Grid gets a whirl Tuesday in SSC. 🙂

  3. I like grid especially when you combine it with the excellent Clique created by Cladhaire. You can configure it so that click casting only takes place on grid frames if you wish. However if you wanna try a more conventional raid frames layout try perfect raid also created by Cladhaire.


  4. Anariana Says:

    Billzard’s standard UI? I think it’s pretty much have all those things you mentioned 😉

  5. Anariana Says:


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