Bulk update…

At times I forget this thing exists. Got some exciting stuff to blab about I suppose. Been increasing my raid time back to 4 nights a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) and doing a lot of SSC. The guild is progressing pretty well seeing as we made some nice solid, first attempts at Lady Vashj tonight. All in all I think this is a pretty solid guild with a handful of incredibly good Paladins (Netto, Banis props!) as well as really good tanks. If attendance keeps up the way it’s been for the past few weeks I can see us in Hyjal by early August.

SSC PROGRESS: Took a few hacks at Lady Vashj tonight. The fight seems pretty complicated when you read the strategys and watch the videos (something I don’t enjoy doing, first hand experience where it’s at) but it doesn’t seem too rough when you’ve got capable players. We took her down to 60%-70% on the mere 5 attempts we had. We were missing 3 of our top DPS tonight so barring attendance issues I’m predicting that we’ll get her down next weekend 🙂

NEW LOOT: Snagged muh Justicar Pauldrons tonight on a double drop as well as one of two drops of Boots of Unending Courage. Netto was kind enough to pass the first pair, shortly after we got another drop 🙂 Pally night indeed.

RAMBLINGS: Got a nice vacation planned for late August. Buddy of mine won tickets for an expenses paid trip to NYC to stay at the Four Seasons hotel 😉 Airfare included bla bla bla. So we’ll be going up there to pickup some nice thick accent New Yorker chicks! If you know of any hot spots that we could hit up, leave a comment! Unfortunately the Yankees are going to be out of town that weekend so we’ll have to figure something out.


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