UI Update


I’ve been steadily tweaking my UI to my likings over the past week or so and am coming to completion (I think). Being the creative type I constantly find myself tweaking stuff, never happy with the end-result. It’s a complex we creatives have I guess. I’ve been trying to get CyCircled to work on my system but everytime I install it, I get strange graphical errors on my screen when spells are used (ie: heals!). So for now, default skin on the buttons will be used until I either find something else or CyCircled stops being “special”.

Anyway, once it’s “done” I’ll post up a final screenshot as well as a full list of mods used and URL’s to their respective download links. For now just a short list of what I’m using.

• Grid
• Bartender3
• Titan Panel
• Pitbull
• PallyPower
• Skinner
• ClearFont
• SimpleMiniMap
• Deadly Boss Mods
• KTM Threat Monitor
• SW Stats


4 Responses to “UI Update”

  1. That is a nice looking UI. I’m a big fan of customizing things on my computer. I like to customize the windows UI and pretty much every program that I run but I have always played a stock UI in wow because I’m worried that once I start tweaking I’ll never stop. It is tempting to get into it though seeing how nice yours looks.

  2. Yeah it’s fun stuff and IMO improves your game once you get something you’re comfortable with.

  3. What resolution are you running there? I think I need a new monitor if I want to fit something like that on my screen.

  4. I’m running at 1440×900

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