…and a new ride = Less WoW!

Stang!Yes yes, I signed 6 years of my life away to Citibank and took out a loan on a brand spanking new 2008 Mustang GT 🙂 I know this isn’t directly related to WoW however it will indeed be effecting (already is in fact) my play time. I just can’t get enough of this thing. In fact, I just neglected a Karazhan run to take the car out for a totally pointless joy ride down the freeway. Mmmmm! Gotta love the Nikon D80 camera too.


7 Responses to “…and a new ride = Less WoW!”

  1. /jealous…..

    That is one great looking car.

  2. Nice Ride, i like coming to this website and looking up what you post for world of warcraft, what do you use to create this website… and do you think you can create a Mod Pack for the mods you use.

    Thanks Steven

  3. Thanks guy.


    I plan on making a mod pack once I’m totally finished with my UI. There are a few things I’m working on like some custom graphic skins that I’ll likely make soon.

    For the Blog, I use the free WordPress engine. http://www.wordpress.com

    Thanks for the support!

  4. From Steven,
    Thanks for the response

    Ive got a 70 paladin, currently don’t use any Ui set up, but the way you have your is nice.

    Thanks Again Steve

  5. Hey don’t worry Mustangs are totally worth it, I signed my life away for 5 years for a 2003 Mach 1 Mustang!!! Enjoy the horsepower=)

  6. Kashinboner Says:

    Nice ‘Stang.

    Better looking than the 2006 version me and a mate hired from Vegas to LA on our way back Down Under.

    Unfortunately they don’t sell those in Australia….looked at importing one, but too expensive with all the transport costs and taxes.

    Why didn’t you go the convertable? Didn’t even know they came in sedan……:)

  7. Kashinboner,

    I had a convertible stang for a rental and the road noise on the freeway was pretty bad. They’re also heavier than the coupe (not so great for the track) 😉 Not to mention I feel safer in the hard top.

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