UI Pack: Coming Soon

Seeing as I’ve recieved a lot of good feedback on my UI I’ve decided to make a compilation. So, I should have my UI completed within the week, after that I will begin to compile it and upload to Curse (as well as my blog). If you guys are interested in the mod pack let me know what you’d like to see changed and/or improved.

Also I’m working on some custom skins for Skinner mod as we speak as well as the possibility of my own skins for CyCircled within the next 2 weeks. Once again, lemme know what you guys would like to see! Glossy buttons? Orbs? Squares? Chrome Trim? Bling Bling? LOL.


8 Responses to “UI Pack: Coming Soon”

  1. I’d love to have the UI just like the picture below this post.

  2. Looking forward to it!

  3. where is it at?

    i really like it…

    could you email me when its done?

  4. Wow you still play? Sup bro

  5. Ya, I didn’t know you still played either, how’s life?

  6. That is a very sweet looking UI, I’d love to run that on my toons. You ever going to put it out there for download?

  7. Hey man definitely just post the adds you are using even if you can’t get the pack together. MAybe one of us readers could package it up? Looks great how you set it up.

  8. Wow lots of comments that I never replied to.

    Anni – Long time no talk man. How’re things for you?
    Turrel – I play on and off. I go in small burts of a few weeks and then I stop.

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