New Guild, some spare time.

Not too much to update ya with. Got some spare time seeing as I’ve got the flu over Thanksgiving break. Decided that since because of my extensive break from the game (3 1/2 months I think it’s been?) that I’ve totally missed out on getting attuned for Hyjal and Black Temple. My guild (Focused Aggression) is no longer running either TK or SSC so, my only other choice is to find another guild. Joined up with Wendigo Brewing Co. (LOVE the name!) and am waiting on the first official raid with them.


6 Responses to “New Guild, some spare time.”

  1. Tortellini Says:

    Any update on uploading the UI? I NEED IT!

  2. Ah! I’ve been tweaking it but not fully happy with it just yet!

    I’ll see what I can do!

  3. Welcome back! good to see you’re still alive? But i’m going to repeat tortellini, what’s up with the add-on pack? Your UI definetly has elements a lot of us would like to replicate.

  4. You left too soon, FA is running TK this Sunday.

    My new UI, i moved the grid box to get a better view of the UI.

  5. All good. I didn’t even end up playing in Wendigo. Just turned WoW on today for the first time in 3+ months.

  6. Ooops!! Mug25 = Pallywithash LOL

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