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UI Pack: It’s getting closer!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 22, 2008 by pallywithash

Downloaded the ACE Updater for Mac OSX Leopard today and updated all of my Addons. This made a drastic increase in performance and now a lot of the add-ons that I’ve been using that were buggy are now running smooth! Keep your eyes peeled. I promise it’s coming! 


Addon Spotlight: QuestHelper

Posted in Addons, UI on March 21, 2008 by pallywithash

By far one of the best mods I’ve come across in a very long time, I presnet to you QuestHelper! Excellent mod that places little icons on your world map with a few details about the quest(s), your progress on them and a little ant trail on the best path to take for completing and turning in the quests. The UI for QuestHelper needs some work but I am pretty sure that the dev will hammer it out! Hopefully he/she can work out some sort of config interface rather than the slash commands. Anyway, check it out.


Oh Lordy Lord!

Posted in Addons, Guild, UI on March 21, 2008 by pallywithash

Yep, back AGAIN. I think this time it’s for real. Back on my old server, Frostmane and in a pretty decent guild. I am basically picking up where I left off in terms of PVE but got my Shaman up to level 66 (from level 50). Enjoying the Shaman class due to the wonderful burst damage I can do however my Paladin will always (I promise) remain my #1. So, I’ve gotten a ton of requests for my UI. I know I said I’d package it but as always, it’s still in the works. I’d like to finalize it before I release it however seeing as there will be major UI changes in the upcoming 2.4 Patch I will be delay