Sunwell, 8/8 and Corrupt Ex-GM’s.

Yes, what a mouthful! A quick summary since I don’t have the energy or time to go in depth. About 2 months ago I felt a need to jump to a more mature guild, not to mention I had this growing feeling that my GM (Amazed/Titharenko) was going to fuck the entire guild over at any given moment.

So, with that eerie thought paired with our lack of progression — I left Cloverfield and joined one of the top Alliance guilds on Frostmane, Dragonflight. Shortly after leaving Cloverfield I come to find out that Mr. Amazed the GM has been selling Cloverfield’s Black Temple and Mount Hyjal raid ID’s to another top Alliance guild, pocketing the gold for his own selfish reasons. Now, he and I had a few talks when I was in the guild about him putting his account up for sale, checking how much it was actually worth — finding this out from my ex-guildies only supports my thoughts about him being crooked. Oh well. Onto bigger and much better things right?

With that being said, Dragonflight is definitely a top notch group of players and an even better bunch of people. Very mature, respectful for the most part and skilled players. I basically went from healing Bloodboil one week, right to healing Twin Eradars in Sunwell the next. I must say, the content in Sunwell hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Gone are the days of spamming max rank Flash of Light with Spell Crit / +Healing stat stacks, here are the days of mixing two ranks of Holy Light and stacking Spell Haste gems! I will admit, I was very surprised to see that not only do those bastard Resto Shaman and COH Priests rule the meters but I found that a Paladin’s worth in Sunwell is strictly buffing and healing the MT’s. 

Granted, we’ve always been single target healers (and I feel we always will be — even with the expansion rolling around) I still find it bothersome that Blizzard would cater healing roles to the AOE heal classes. We are currently working on M’uru and I am the only Holy Paladin that attends these attempts. We do bring a Protection Paladin but that goes without saying. Six healers total. Two Holy Priests, one Holy Paladin, one Resto Druid and two Resto Shaman is our general makeup for M’uru thus far. I don’t see it changing much for Kil’Jaedan. 

With that being said, I am truly hoping that Blizzard realizes that they are putting the Holy Paladin in a tight spot. Maybe it’s some ploy to get the noble Holy Pally to re-roll a Death Knight when WOTLK launches 😉 Either way, I’m going to savor my raid spot — it’s just unfortunate that I need do that in the first place.

On a gear note. Tonight I snagged my Lightbringer Treads to complete my 8/8 set. Granted, once I get a hold of some other Sunwell armor I will definitely swap pieces of the set in and out but for now, I’m going to enjoy polishing my e-peen 😉

That’s really it. I’ll hopefully have more to post as we progress further into Sunwell but for now my time is limited due to progression. Work, Gym, Logon, Farm for consumables, Raid, Socialize with guildies and sleep! That’s it!



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