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Bye M’uru. Hi Kil’jaedan.

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Finally downed M’uru last night for my server’s Alliance first kill. Overall was a fun fight and although they nerfed it, the encounter was fun both pre-nerf and post. I couldn’t be any more proud of my fellow guildies. I will say to all of you Paladins, granted only two of you get to go per M’uru kill, healing the main tank is, at first a real pain in the ass but once you and your MT figure out how to position yourselves, pick up sentinals, move with each other you’ll get the hang of it.

Another tip is that if you’re packing a nice amount of spell haste (I’ve got 286), you need to make sure you heal the tank with Rank 8 Holy Light and a mixture of ranks 10 and 11. Rank 11 being for the heavy damage. Spamming some very fast, max rank Flash of Lights between the Sentinel spawns will help keep your tank topped off while he runs around.

I’d really like to hear from you guys about your M’uru encounters so feel free to post comments. For those of you on him, good luck and have fun.

Oh and…I am definitely putting out a video this time 😉


F*** M’uru

Posted in Burning Crusade, Guild, Raiding on July 21, 2008 by pallywithash

Well actually, F*** Entropius. 8% wipe. Healing this fight is probably the hardest job I’ve ever been given in my entire raiding “career”. You can’t sneeze. You can’t blink. You can’t take your eyes off of the main tank for a second. Anyway, hopefully we can beat this particular guild to killing him and snag an Alliance-Server First kill tomorrow night.

Spell Haste Stacking Guide – Part I

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As my guildies well know, I have been testing out Spell haste for Sunwell and despite my doubt I’ve found that thus far, it’s not half bad. My initial response to the Spell Haste stat was—negative. I’ve honestly never been a fan of it and always felt to gimp my +Healing, Spell Crit % and Mp5 in favor of Spell haste was completely ludicris. My initial intent of this guide was to help out the other Paladins in my guild however I felt that since Spell Haste stacking is relatively new to the game, it would be nice to write an actual guide for it. So, if you’re still interested in upping your HPS read on after the jump.

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