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Fragment #4 + Conquerer’s Aegis Headpiece

Posted in 1 on May 27, 2009 by pallywithash

Just got fragmenet #4 + Conquerer’s Aegis Headpiece. Word.

Hoping to pick up my chestpiece next week.


Oh shit!

Posted in 1 on May 26, 2009 by pallywithash

Totally forgot my logon to this blog. Hell, I even forgot I had it after (another) lengthy break from the game. I ran into Esotarious on the new server I play on (Sisters of Elune-US) and he reminded me about the blog. Guess he had taken a long break as well — googled his name and my blog came up.

Anyway, I’m likely going to be starting a new blog sometime soon. Something that I’ll probably have an actual domain, custom skin and some guest writers on. We’ll see. 

PS: 27 more Fragments to go…sigh.


– Vapori (aka Kernia)