1850 in 3’s.

So, got the 3’s team to 1855 last night. 249 matches, 1 shy of my original estimate. 1850 is by no means a huge accomplishment in the current season however I’m quite proud that in my first actual attempt at healing 3’s that we’ve done quite well.

I did most of the games with Esotarious (you all know him from the interview I had with him years ago) and a DK buddy of mine by the name of Morbidchaos. At about 1700 we hit brick wall against Mage/Priest/Rogue teams. We switched out Morbidchaos for a Lock buddy, Stygmata. After about 10 matches of MPR’s we got it down pat and picked up some well earned wins.

So, 1855 is the stopping point for this week. Going to hopefully have the points for my weapon tomorrow and then will push to 2000+ next week.

Wish us luck!


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