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Spell Haste Stacking Guide – Part I

Posted in Guides, Holy Spec, Raiding, Talents & Spells on July 2, 2008 by pallywithash



As my guildies well know, I have been testing out Spell haste for Sunwell and despite my doubt I’ve found that thus far, it’s not half bad. My initial response to the Spell Haste stat was—negative. I’ve honestly never been a fan of it and always felt to gimp my +Healing, Spell Crit % and Mp5 in favor of Spell haste was completely ludicris. My initial intent of this guide was to help out the other Paladins in my guild however I felt that since Spell Haste stacking is relatively new to the game, it would be nice to write an actual guide for it. So, if you’re still interested in upping your HPS read on after the jump.

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