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Trinket Macro

Posted in Macros on June 1, 2009 by pallywithash

Figured I’d share with you guys a quick macro I use on a regular basis, especially in PVP. I use this in conjunction with Divine Illumination and my Platinum Discs of Swiftness. What this macro does is, it uses whatever trinket you have placed in the specified slot, which in this case is your top trinket. It will then cast whichever spell you specify, which again, in this case is Divine Illumination. So, instead of having to bind two keys, or for those of you naughty “clickers”, it’s 1 less button to click 😉

Here you go!

#showtooltip Divine Illumination

/use 13

/cast Divine Illumination


#showtooltip Divine Illumination
/use 13
/cast Divine Illumination

Macro: DI Damnit!

Posted in Macros on April 1, 2008 by pallywithash

Seeing as my guild is in progression mode in Hyjal at the moment, I find myself clicking my “Oh Shit” buttons much more often. These include the legendary Lay On Hands, Divine Intervention and my “Not as useful in PVP as it once was” Divine Shield. As many of you Paladins — regardless of your spec — ought to know that Divine Intervention not only saves your raid from an all out wipe but it also saves the person you cast this lovely spell on the cost of durability loss but it also saves YOU the durability damage as well! Surprised?! Believe it or not, some Paladins I’ve encountered had absolutely no clue of this wonderful gift from Blizzard.

So, as simple of a Macro as it is I present to you the official Pallywithash DI Macro.

/target HealerName1
/target HealerName2
/target HealerName3
/target HealerName4
/target HealerName5
/target HealerName6
/cast Divine Intervention
/ra DI CAST ON %t

What this will do is search for every person named in the macro and if they are within range, it will cast DI on a given target and let everyone know how fucking awesome you are via a nice announcement in raid chat. Now, unfortunately this does not work with one click of a button. It’s up to you to spam your newly made “Oh Shit” DI Macro for it to actually find a target available to cast the DI on. You may also need to edit this macro depending on who is in your raid at the time. I generally put the main raiders towards the top of the list of targets, followed by people who rarely attend raids but still make it from time to time.Simple. Very simple.

Spam it when your boss fight goes sour.

Cleanse Macro

Posted in Macros, PVP, Raiding, Talents & Spells on January 6, 2007 by pallywithash

Worth giving a shot this simple macro allows you to mouseover a player in either your party frame, CTRaid windows or even Target of Target icon and cast cleanse. You do not need to remove your current target, you can simply hover over a player and click the macro. Should help out with the cleansing problems people have been having since 2.0.

/cast [target=mouseover, help] Cleanse; Cleanse