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Spell Haste Stacking Guide – Part I

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As my guildies well know, I have been testing out Spell haste for Sunwell and despite my doubt I’ve found that thus far, it’s not half bad. My initial response to the Spell Haste stat was—negative. I’ve honestly never been a fan of it and always felt to gimp my +Healing, Spell Crit % and Mp5 in favor of Spell haste was completely ludicris. My initial intent of this guide was to help out the other Paladins in my guild however I felt that since Spell Haste stacking is relatively new to the game, it would be nice to write an actual guide for it. So, if you’re still interested in upping your HPS read on after the jump.

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The Armory

Posted in Items, Talents & Spells on March 3, 2007 by pallywithash

Quite possibly the best thing to ever come from the Blizzard Web Development team, The Armory. I’m assuming that it updates on the last time you logged in as it includes the buffs that I had on me when I logged out last night. So for those who were asking me for an updated CTProfile page, heres my Armory page. Enjoy.

Tseric weighs in on Pally DPS.

Posted in PVP, Talents & Spells on March 3, 2007 by pallywithash

I’ve been snoozing on the Pally forums so I’ve got to give a big “Thanks” for the heads up from WowInsider on this one. Tseric, the all knowing *cough* weighs in on the state of Paladin (and Shaman) DPS and their roles in the game.

Posted by: Tseric

A healing/tank hybrid. Every class needs some capacity to deal damage, as that is the primary component for the solo game, but Paladins have always placed fairly low on the damage spectrum.

Rogues define the baseline measurement and, on average, all classes fall below that baseline. Now, in certain cases some classes may exceed that baseline, whether they be a Mage in a particular raid encounter or a Fury Warrior having a good run in a BG, but on average that is the way damage is arranged.

Burst damage and big crits are harder to control and design from a development perspective, due to the number of random or unpredictable elements in any formula. Therefore, crit-based abilities and burst damage tends to see more fine tuning and tweaking than sustainable damage.

As far as tanking and healing, the Paladin has been given plenty of tools for healing and threat gain/management.

Nothing that any Paladin with a brain didn’t already know right?

We’ve been spared…

Posted in Talents & Spells on February 28, 2007 by pallywithash

…sort of. The forbearance nerf mentioned in my previous entry has been (somewhat) cleared up by Mr. Blue, Eyonix on the Warcraft forums. I’m not sure what to fully make of this since I’ve really not been able to PvP much aside from being Annihilate’s healb*tch but I can tell you that I knew all along that we were doing too much damage than we’d be “allowed” to do.

“After further testing, we’ve decided to undo the following changes to the Paladin for the next patch as we felt the adjustments were too imposing on the class’ ability to tank in dungeons.

-Increased the duration of “Avenging Wrath” by 50% (now lasts 30 sec.) This ability no longer invokes “Forbearance”, but shares a cooldown with “Divine Shield”.

-Forbearance now reduces damage dealt by the affected player by 15%.

With that being said, we do feel that the Paladin is currently capable of producing too much burst damage and are investigating reasonable ways to make minor reductions for the future.”

Maybe Blizz is worried Pallys will pull a Priest Riot! Hmmmm, I forgot. We’re not self righteous whiney little girls like most Priest players are 😉 Dig Dig!

Forbearance Nerf?

Posted in Talents & Spells on February 26, 2007 by pallywithash

Reports on the test realm are stating that we may be in for a visit from the old nerf bat in an upcoming patch. Forbearance is being reported to give a -15% physical damage debuff upon being applied to the Paladin. The ever wise (LOL) Tseric is claiming he’s unsure if this is a bug or an actual change and that he will “…have to get back to [us] on a weekday”. Some are even claiming this debuff relates to ALL damage done. Hopefully this is just a bug as I feel it’d greatly shaft us in terms of burst DMG.

So long Ret Spec :(

Posted in Raiding, Talents & Spells on February 11, 2007 by pallywithash

As of 10:15PM EST, February 10th 2007 I am no longer Retribution spec. Due to my guild starting raids again tomorrow I’ve respec’d to 41/0/20 Holy. Now, before anyone calls me a sell out or claims I’m buckeling under the pressure of end game raiding I’d like to point out that I’m doing this since I want to A. Get into raids on a consistant basis and help my guild’s progress and B. Save up for DPS/Ret gear to the point that I am comfortable to make a solid effort at DPSing during raids.

I’m also going to attempt to get hooked up with a decent Arena Team so that I can get myself some of that fine gear eventually 😉 Anyway, that’s that. Temporary respec it is.

Blood Elf Paladin Epic Mount Guide

Posted in Burning Crusade, Talents & Spells on January 29, 2007 by pallywithash

I guess I can’t descriminate against our newfound Pally brethren, the Blood Elves. J over at posted this useful guide to quest for the Blood Elf Paladin Epic Mount. Good deal.