Karazhan: The Crone

So I finally got around to making time for raiding last night. Karazhan is by far one of the best designed dungeons in the game to date. So we went in, cleared some trash and got to the Theatre event. The dungeon itself is huge and visually stunning. Seeing as it’s a 10 man raid I was able to run the game cranked to the max on my trusty G5 Powermac with decent performance (35+ FPS). Karazhan Anyway, I have to admit that I was impressed by the nice dialogue as the stage manager presents tonight’s act. We got dealt the Wizard of Oz act. Not bad at all. There was “Roar” (the Cowardly Lion), Tito (duh!), Strawman (need I say more?), Tinhead, Dorothy and last but not least “The Crone”. Overall the fight was pretty simple. We had a Warrior tanking Strawman, a Protadin tanking Tinhead and Roar being feared. The fight seems to be the same old tank and spank, CC thing but the whole boss fight didn’t seem like the usual stale boss fights we’ve been forced to endure in AQ40 and Naxx.

I actually recorded a video of the fight with Snapz so once I get it into iMovie and although I totally misclicked my Bubble for absolutely no reason at the start of the fight I’ll have to post it up when I get around to it.

Drops: Wicked Witches Hat, Beastmaw Pauldrons. Grats to Milde on the shoulders and Lyto on the hat.


8 Responses to “Karazhan: The Crone”

  1. Sup Kern,

    Nice layout of the dungeon in your comments. I have yet finished the quest for it but im in the instance part of it.

    Link your profile when you have a chance i would like to see your gear if you have a profile. If not its cool just curious. Now Kern are you playing the healer, tank, or dps role in these runs?


    Level 70 Paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

  2. Geo,

    My CTProfile is totally dated, I haven’t updated it since I was like level 64. You can find it in my Blogroll at the bottom of the site.

    As for my role in Karazhan, unfortunately I was urged to spec Holy. I was actually told outright that if I was Ret spec that I probably would not get into 10 mans.

    I find that funny since alot of the mobs in Karazhan are Undead, something we Paladins excel at killing. One thing that you may be surprised about is our new MT (Aromas) is a Paladin and is doing an excellent job in that new role so I’m hoping once we get into 25 mans and I’ve compiled some decent DPS gear I’ll be able to get my hands dirty with some DPS.

  3. Kern,

    Yeah we get that alot the best thing I can say is secretly stash away your dps gear in your bank till you have a full set. Once you have a full set get enchants on all the pieces and then craft that uber 2 handed mace or get your hand on a nice dps killing machine.

    Once you got it all in place switch and make jaws drop as you see yourself in the top 3-5 dps chart in a 25 man raid.

    Best strategy I can think of is farming badges and geting kharazan items and using the items to pick up dps set and not healing set. Its the only way cause normal drops will always go to warriors or dps weapon classes unless where last on the list.

    Which is why I am a blacksmith and currently working on a Deep Thunder and Dragon maw 1 hander.

    Keep us posted on the events nice snapshot!


    Level 70 Paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

  4. That is very cool that your MT is a paladin. Nice blog.

  5. Ker, what app do you use to record movies with?

  6. Snapz X Pro, it’s for teh Mac.

  7. Cool, I’ll have to try it out (I play on a Mac) =)

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